Floor Scrubber Machine

Faster cleaning constant quality

With the help of the compact foldable floor scrubber your team is bound to be 10x more productive.


Faster Cleaning

Boost up your teams work speed by 6 times


Big Clenaing Radius

RMM1 can clean 1600 m2 or 17222.26 sqf in less then an hour


Bigger Water Tank

Duel 25 Liters solution tank and 30 Liters recovery tank

Floor Scrubber Machine Battery

Longer battery life

It ensures the battery longitivity and the battery lasts long per charge

Floor Scrubber Machine water tank

Bigger water tank

Reduces the number of times you need to replace the water

Floor Scrubber Machine speed of cleaning

Increased productivity

On a single run it can scrub and mop with constant cleaning quality

Floor Scrubber Machine durability

Built to last

High quality materials ensures the longitivity of the device itself.

Floor Scrubber Machine easy job done

Stay in control

Easy controls and maintainence ensure you stay in control of clenaing quality

Fold able Handle Floor Scrubber Machine

180 Dgree folding handle

Adjust the handle however you feel like

Floor Scrubber Machine brush, pad, pad holder, 17 inch round scrubber brush

Brush switch

Individual brush swith to give you more control

Eco friendly and energy efficient Floor Scrubber Machine

Eco Plus mode

Eco Plus mode enebles the devicet to run longer with a single charge

Fold-able handle

You can put RMM1 in a corner by folding its handle. It is easy to manuver, lightweight, durable, low maintanence & compact.

Floor Scrubber Machine with fold able handle
Floor Scrubber Machine RMM1

Efficient Compact Easy to use!

We aim to provide compact & efficient cleaning devices to maximize your savings & alongside a constant cleaning quality

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